Darling is an emulation layer similar to Wine that will enable you to run OS X applications on Linux.

Twinkle port to Qt 4/Qt 5

SIP softphone for Linux revived and ported to Qt 4.

FatRat download manager

My largest project is certainly FatRat. It's a multiprotocol download (and upload) tool, which integrates lots of cool features like torrent search, Jabber remote control, tools etc.

Old Projects

GamePark client for Linux is a Czech online gaming portal, which requires its users to use a Windows-only client application if they want to play any games. Saddened by that situation I decided to put up will all the hitches of developing a program without having the appropriate documentation, and this is the result.


This tool makes it easy to start games in a new X session. It even lets you to set some NVIDIA-specific options, automatically change the keyboard layout and other related things.


A simple GUI application to wake computers using magic packets.


A Jabber web presence bot able to handle multiple concurrent connections of the monitored users, but not designed to handle heavy loads.

Git access

All my projects can be found in their respective Git repositories at